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Textorizer tool – transform pictures into type illustrations

Textorizer is a cool and useful tool that my brother recommended me.

Here are some examples of what it can do:

Of course you can further refine the result, but it can save a lot of time and it provides reasonable results.

You can download it here (the cool thing is that it has a Mac version as well) or you can use the online version here.



New Photoshop CS5 technologies from Adobe Labs

Adobe labs presents new experimental features which might be included in the next Photoshop release CS5, rumored to be released around April 2010.

New brush behaviours and new warp technologies in this video:

3D Design for Illustrator (excellent for package design)

While building my network on LinkedIn I ran into a google ad that caught my attention.
It’s about a plugin for Illustrator and Adobe Reader that allows you to visualise and explore your work (a package design for example) in a 3D environment. It’s called ESKO ARTWORK STUDIO.
Looks really interesting, watch a demonstration here.

Esco Artwork produces also other tools for structural design, graphich design etc.
More info>