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Green design for pizza box

Interesting design for a pizza box :

– the top cover of the GreenBox ┬árips off into four pieces to form four plates (thus reducing the use of recyclable plates);

– bottom part folds into a smaller box to become a container for remaining slices to be stored in the fridge

– the box 100% recyclable

Here‘s the video demonstration.


3D Design for Illustrator (excellent for package design)

While building my network on LinkedIn I ran into a google ad that caught my attention.
It’s about a plugin for Illustrator and Adobe Reader that allows you to visualise and explore your work (a package design for example) in a 3D environment. It’s called ESKO ARTWORK STUDIO.
Looks really interesting, watch a demonstration here.

Esco Artwork produces also other tools for structural design, graphich design etc.
More info>

Nice package design

Migros – chain of food retailers in Switzerland. Really nice packaging for their products:

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