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Minimalist design philosophy

Simplicity, usefulness, undeniable beauty – this are the words that characterize Kazuhiro Yamanaka’s work in my opinion. Or “physical poetry” as ME design magazine did call it.


“Designers should contemplate the void that surrounds objects, the space between objects, and the relation between those objects. I believe furniture – chairs, tables, lights etc. – could be like a constellation of stars, and we could make lines to connect them three-dimensionally and thereby construct a specific story, As a designer, I believe it is a task to create the stories. To realize the concept effectively, I try to create a maximum impact with minimum use of material.” kazuhiro yamanaka

The flowing breeze slides down the surface of the water passing soundlessly. The area between the desk top and the curve can be utilised as a space for putting books, news papers, or clothes. A gentle curve is carefully chosen to be harmonized with breeze in the space or even music around the space.

LEDGE (book shelf)


Design the perfect bottle and win 30.000 euro

Yet another tempting design competition: you have to design the perfect bottle and you can win a “reasonable” prize of 30.000 euro. And this is not all: 10k for the second prize and 5k for the third one (all these include Intellectual Property Rights).

Your work will be judged upon the following criteria:

  • innovation
  • aesthetics
  • ergonomic
  • originality/uniqueness

You can download the brief here.

Registration deadline – January 10th 2010

Q&A: October 12th – October 16th 2009

Check out all the details of the competition and register here (don’t you hate flash websites?…).

Good luck! And… how about a beer if you win? 🙂

Touchable holography

Incredible technology developed by a japanese institute. Although in an early stage of development, you can imagine the breakthrough in object modeling and interaction with them.
Have a look: