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Interview with the designer of Apple logo – Rob Janoff

Original apple logo

Original apple logo

One of the deep mysteries to me is our logo, the symbol of lust and knowledge, bitten into, all crossed with the colors of the rainbow in the wrong order. You couldn’t dream of a more appropriate logo: lust, knowledge, hope, and anarchy.

Find out the real thinking behind the Apple logo by reading an excellent interview with Rob Janoff, the designer of the logo.


U.S. Urban Green Council new identity

Pentagram’s newest identity work is the USGBCNY’s (U.S. Green Building Council New York Chapter) brand identity, now called Urban Green to emphasize the institution’s considerable expertise in city-based environmental issues.

urban green logo
The new “squarish” look is suggesting the density and city blocks of Manhattan.

Check out the project outline on Pentagram’s blog >>

AOL brand identity sneak preview

I’m not impressed. That’s all I can say right now. I’m waiting for the official release.

Green design for pizza box

Interesting design for a pizza box :

– the top cover of the GreenBox  rips off into four pieces to form four plates (thus reducing the use of recyclable plates);

– bottom part folds into a smaller box to become a container for remaining slices to be stored in the fridge

– the box 100% recyclable

Here‘s the video demonstration.

New Photoshop CS5 technologies from Adobe Labs

Adobe labs presents new experimental features which might be included in the next Photoshop release CS5, rumored to be released around April 2010.

New brush behaviours and new warp technologies in this video:

Design the perfect bottle and win 30.000 euro

Yet another tempting design competition: you have to design the perfect bottle and you can win a “reasonable” prize of 30.000 euro. And this is not all: 10k for the second prize and 5k for the third one (all these include Intellectual Property Rights).

Your work will be judged upon the following criteria:

  • innovation
  • aesthetics
  • ergonomic
  • originality/uniqueness

You can download the brief here.

Registration deadline – January 10th 2010

Q&A: October 12th – October 16th 2009

Check out all the details of the competition and register here (don’t you hate flash websites?…).

Good luck! And… how about a beer if you win? 🙂

Mini Space Design Competition

In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mini, decided to host a design competition around the theme 50. You can win an Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro and other nice prizes here.

Thought it’s a nice theme so I decided to join. Here’s my design proposal and you can vote it here (much appreciated it if you do):

Mini 50th lights

Mini 50th lights