London on Tap – winning design

london tap

Organised by Thames Water and the Mayor of London, the environmental campaign London on Tap aims to reduce usage of bottled mineral water in restaurants, bars and cafés.

London Mayor Boris Johnson has unveiled the winner of the London on Tap carafe design competition.
Industrial designer Neil Barron’s Tap Top, which features four drip-free pouring spouts and a waist to trap ice-cubes when pouring, is the winning design.

Resembling a stylised tap fixture, the carafe will be available in at least two colours, and can fit inside a standard fridge door.

Tap Top will be mass-manufactured in England in January, before going on sale to London’s restaurants, bars and cafés in the spring.

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1 Response to “London on Tap – winning design”

  1. 1 krupatel24 June 18, 2009 at 7:57 PM

    Very cool design – its sure to look great in some of the top restaurants in London …have a look at for some more restaurants both local and international – there are pictures that could help you visually imagine if the product will fit these restaurants.

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