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Digital expert slams colleges over creative/technical split

Colleges and creative consultancies have come under fire from leading digital designers for creating what they see as an inappropriate separation between creative and technical skills.

Speaking at the i-Design interaction conference in London yesterday, Andy Cameron, creative director of interactive design at Fabrica in northern Italy, said, ‘Art schools are not doing their job because they are creating separation between design and technology.’

His view was reiterated by Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, chief executive officer of Anglo Italian group Tinker, who called for an end to ‘silos’ in education.

She maintains that ‘design is in the back seat’ [… Read more]


Wenlock Spring gets redesign by Carl Jones

The first new Wenlock Spring water bottles redesigned by Carl Jones Design hit the shelves this week.

The Shropshire consultancy was appointed in December last year to
redesign the mineral water brand corporate identity, the bottle label
and packaging graphics […read more]