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Nike ’cause’ – play beautiful football

Nike’s campaign for a beautiful football in this World Cup:

“I am here to remind the world that this game is about skills, heart, honour, joy, team spirit… Together — me and you — we can make it beautiful again. Beautiful!” (Eric Cantona – starring in Nike’s ad)


World’s best designed newspapers

The Guardian and Rzeczpospolita were designated by the SND (Society for News Design) the world’s best designed newspapers or “nearly perfect” as they called them.

Here are some more comments regarding The Guardian’s redesign. I couldn’t find any info about Rzeczpospolita redesign (not in english pages at least…)

Design firm – short movie

Pentagram is a hugely important international design firm founded in London 1972. In 1978 opened another office in New York, followed by San Francisco in 1986, Austin – 1994, Berlin – 2002.

Pentagram designs print and screen graphics, buildings and environments, identities and products, and it has excellent and world renowned graphic designers which are also partners.

Really worth to see for anyone who’s interested in graphic design and wants to find out what it means to work in one of the most important design firms in the world: here is a short film were the partners present the firm (you’ll need QuickTime installed to be able to see it and a lot patience if you have a slow connection 🙂 ).

Effective advertising – Effie Romania

Another successful Romanian festival has reached it’s 3rd edition. This festival measures the EFFectIvEness of advertising campaigns.

Every participant will have to pay a fee ranging from 400 to 1.000 euros for every registered campaign.
This year’s winners will be announced on 25th of March.

Until then here are the 2004 & 2005 winners.

AdPrint winners

Check it out!

Shifts in Global Teen Culture

I just read an interesting article about the new trends in the new teen culture around the world.
The new teen generation seems to be more “grown up”, more informed and more realistic than any generation that preceded it. Today’s teenagers are aware of the difficult times and the tensions that exist in the world (it appears that the 9-11 events had a great impact on this generation). They don’t trust advertising and marketing campaigns, they aren’t brand oriented. They appear to be more conservative than the generations before them (?!): “valuing religion, hoping to get married and become parents and striving to live by high moral standards”.

The study also mentions “7 seismic shifts” that today’s brands should take in consideration if they still want to reach these teenagers.

This (.pdf file)
is what the study GenWorld Teen Study conducted in 13 countries by Energy BBDO, Chicago, revealed.

AdPrint Europe (2nd-5th of February 2006, Brasov, Romania)

The festival has reached the 7th edition and it appears to be a truly European festival judging by the past editions and also by this year’s jury. AdPrint awards only print communication (print ads, posters, billboards etc.)
Besides the print competition, the festival hosted a series of seminars presented by big names in the world of advertising.

Until this year’s winners will be posted, it’s interesting to view last year’s works.